It's Nice To Meet You

Guided by a commitment to nurturing your hair from roots to tips, I believe in unlocking the natural potential of your strands. Join me on this holistic adventure, where beauty is not just a look, but a reflection of your overall well-being. Welcome to a space where your hair receives personalized care, and you embrace a radiant, holistic you!

The Journey into Wellness & Hairstyling


I'm Elisa, and my journey into holistic living and hairstyling began over 15 years ago. Initially, I pursued a career as a licensed hairstylist, working at high-end salons in Toronto. However, my perspective shifted in 2012 when my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer. Witnessing her embrace a holistic approach, consulting naturopaths, and incorporating supplements, inspired a profound change in my own lifestyle.

The Birth of the Holistic Hairstylist

The Transformation

The catalyst for my transformation came in 2014 when persistent migraines and exposure to toxic fumes and chemicals in salon products led me to reevaluate my career. I made the bold decision to leave my position at a prestigious salon and return to school, earning a certification as a holistic nutritionist. That's how the concept of the holistic hairstylist was born, merging my expertise in hairstyling with a commitment to natural and holistic living. Today, I passionately unite my two worlds, creating a unique blend of excellent hair care and a holistic approach to overall well-being.

Bold Choices & Great Hair

Holistic Hairstyling

In essence, my professional journey reflects a fusion of personal experiences, from the challenges of work environments to the transformative impact of a holistic lifestyle, culminating in a unique and fulfilling career path. Today, as a holistic hairstylist, I go beyond traditional hairstyling by offering low-tox and healthier product alternatives, maintaining a non-aerosol atmosphere, and creating a fragrance-free environment, ensuring that every aspect of my salon experience aligns with a holistic approach to health and beauty.